Antique Bronze Horse With Rider
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This oxidised bronze statue is a throwback to fiercer times of war and cavalries. A rare find for any war collection aficionado, it has three parts of note. First, the base, with its carvings and the templar structure. It is reflecting of the early 14th century architecture found in middle India. Secondly, we have the horse, which is outfitted in the fittings of the infantry of a Princely state, up to the crown on its head. Its neck and legs are in beautiful proportion and the carvings delineate the remarkability it as such. of tHarking back to the days when Arabian horses were used in battle, the lines and structure of the anatomy suggests that this horse may be representative of the royal breed, belonging to royal blood. And finally, we have the rider, seated in a battle saddle, to ensure stability; with the full decorative items of one who heralds a battle call. He is of the kind who play at temples in times of peace. This statue beautifully blends these three elements in one antique piece that is truly one of our most treasured finds. Cast in bronze, it has weathered time with minimal damage, and could be used in a central location of any home to greet guests, and bring with it the good luck of the battlefield. Discovered from an estate of the Hoysala era, it brings with it three decades of the strongest armed defiance of the threat of conquering enemy forces, and strong resistance of the larger kingdoms overpowering it.

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