Antique Bronze Theyyam Mask
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This bronze mask, used in battle by the warriors advancing on foot, is a relic from the Theyyam worshipers, of North Kerala and Malabar. It is the face of a wild boar, in all its ferocious strength. Used in dramas and idolatry as well, this mask has traditionally had a place both in homes as well as temples. In the house, it is used within the ancestor worship ceremonies, rife with multiple rites, called ‘chadangu’. At the village shrine or temple, any one of the 400 styles of Theyyam dance can be undertaken. As as allusion to the warrior history, this dance includes a shield and a sword, called a ‘kadthala’, and this dance is that of the worship of weapons with the deities. Made of bronze, this mask has been beaten to a golden sheen, with embellishments around the end and ornamentation on the snout. Hand carved, the etchings also add to the curvaceous beauty of this wild mask. Although it still retains its functionality as a mask, and can be worn, it would be ideal as a center piece to a room dedicated to antiques and artefacts of history.

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