Antique Indian Camel Cart
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This camel cart is extremely well preserved and almost one of it’s kind. Made of wood with overlays of bronze, dating back to the Mid 17th Century, it still retains all its original hand carvings and decorations. Believed to be used by royal blood, to transport both people and goods, this majestic piece is an extremely large, ornate decorative item. Still in working condition, it would be a gift worthy of any Sheik or maharajah. Each rung on the yoke of the carriage has brass fixtures. These are the ancient Indian version of the fleur de lis, representing marigolds – the flowers traditionally used in Hindu religious ceremonies. This set of engravings implies that this cart was made within India, although the prevalence of such carts came from Karachi, in the 17th Century. This magnificent cart can either be displayed like this as a whole, making it a central viewing piece for any exhibition or installation; or it can be converted into furniture. Camel Cart coffee tables have recently gained prevalence, and although none of them could possible be made out of such an antique piece, the decorative work on this one would bode for a stunning design.

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