Teak Wood Side Table
  • Product Code: Teak Wood Side Table

This antique teak wood side table has multiple features to note. Firstly, it has beautiful engravings with elaborate feather motifs. Second, the backdrop gradually builds, to culminate in a frame-like square. The aesthetics of this flow is extremely pleasing. Thirdly, it combines curves and meandering lines on the front with extremely straight cut lines on the back, enabling this to be a piece that can rest most comfortably against any wall. It has two levels – a bottom level for storage, and the upper deck for display. This table can be used as a serving table for breakfast, or as a writing desk. It is also versatile enough to be used as a stand for a desktop computer. It has three drawers that function extremely smoothly; which may be used to store plates and cutlery or even writing utensils. Crafted in the early 18th Century Victorian style, this table is an ideal addition to any room that needs a bit of sprucing up.

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