• Product Code: Wooden Easy Chair

Grace your porch with this relaxing pair of easy chairs. Made of antique teakwood, in the traditional foldable Keralite design, it is the ideal piece of furniture from which one can gaze upon the miles of green fields abound. The seat is made of laminated, woven coir, reinforced through the hand weaving and each chair is strong and can carry up to 150 kilos. These chairs hail from a tradition rich with the uses of coir, a coconut by-product; Kerala being one of the top exporters of it from the colonial times. The frame of the chairs are wrapped in the coir as well, so as to ensure a firm grip of the material. The wooden base has the space for a foot rest, carved with simple elegance, under the chair itself, so the people sitting on it can use the chair with both ease, and polite decorum. The legs of the chair have rounded, sanded down ends, so as to not create scratches or sounds on the floor when moved. It glides easily, particularly on the red oxide floors it was traditionally made to rest upon. Finally, the piece d’resistance is the handle on the end of the chair, which gives purchase when sitting down or getting up. It makes for the ideal seat for the elderly, giving them a place to rest their weary backs; and look upon the world in peace. The back rest is comforting and enveloping, holding all your weight and ensuring that it will always provide the support you seek.

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