Antique Sideboard Dresser Wardrobe
  • Product Code: Antique Sideboard Dresser Wardrobe

This beautiful piece is no less than a Royally commissioned work of art. It’s a dresser cupboard, with exquisite brass patterned inlays. The doors have rich gold leaf stencil work on them, and the wood carvings are in the most traditional Kerala style with heavy Portuguese designing influence. Made in the early 19th century, this piece is one of its kind. The mirror is oval, and adjustable, with further gold leaf and carving work surrounding it. It is framed between two quaint English white tiles and small wooden spindles. The doors and drawers all have brass overlays and handles, which act as a wonderful contrast with the depth of the rosewood. The glass shows excellent clarity that comes with the quality of the period. With two shelves and three drawers, only its beauty matches the extensive utility of this dresser table.

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