About Us

In Heritage Arts you can find the rarest of those Antiques that reflects the Majestic Indian Culture and Traditions. Heritage Arts bring you most impressive collections of Antiques that you will be very pleased to own. Its our great Passion and love for these Antiques and Heritage Artifacts that led to this venture long back in the year of 1989.

 Heritage Arts has grown big as an Antique Retail Brand and  also owns a variety- concept Ginger House Restaurant. Its an Museum Restaurant with its interiors including the counters, dining areas and ceilings are flaunting the richness of Indian tradition.


We also Recreate Old furniture arts with Ancient woods and metal. The furniture works in our Ginger House Restaurant shows how unique are we in this field. We have succeeded in winning the Hearts of Antique lovers throughout India with Uncompromising and Committed Services . We are always working hard to bring more variety and class to our Collections.

There is also a Spice Shop under the brand Heritage Arts,which provides charily collected flavors and powders which is best for those who want the original fresh spice and its by products.
The Spices shop is just opposite to the Heritage Arts showroom.