• 24, October, 2017 02:25:56

      Advantages of Choosing Antique Furniture For Your Home

    Many of the reputed interior designing firms like Heritage Arts still swear by the use of antique style furniture. Oftentimes, they recommend our clients to visit the Antique Wooden furniture store in order to pick the best furniture for their premises. However, before you opt for and Antique furniture, it is a much better idea to find out about the advantages of the same. Vintage furniture offers you a large variety of advantages which even the modern furniture cannot for you. Today, we would share with you four such advantages of choosing the vintage furniture over modern furniture.1. Timeless:Vintage furniture ...
  • 22, September, 2016 03:32:20

      Fragnance of Chettinad Furniture

    Chettinad, a region in Tamil Nadu comprised of 74 villages is famous for the colorful mix of South Indian traditions. Chettinad furniture represents the historic and cultural values of ancient era. The region got the name because of its residents Nattukottai Chettiars who are famous for architecture, cuisine and banking business. Therefore Chettinad is famous for its unique architecture designs, food habits and religious temples and rituals.   In chettinad furnished mansions, the furniture is embellished mainly using teak wood and marble. The furnishing and decorative items are imported from Europe and East Asian countries. Italian marble along with Burma ...
  • 19, November, 2015 02:17:39

      Invaluable Antiques

    Who doesn't love to spend hours rambling the day away scouring through wonderful antique shops? The smell of old particulars, the warmth of rooms full of vintage gems- there's simply nothing to dislike. There is no doubt that the Antiques bring detailed knowledge about the ancient periods, also helps us to visualize and to gain much more about the past culture and tradition. Though it is very unique and rare, the places where these items are held are very precious. And by going through all these vintage items, surely it will be a great experience to both the beginners, as well as the people who are ...
  • 25, August, 2016 07:27:25

      Vintage soul of dream home

    Living room can be defined as the soul of a home. It is the place where the family members gatherfor the leisure time. It is the most significant place in a home since it unites the family. A stage forkids to perform, a park for your babies to play, a bed for your afternoon siesta, a place to watch TVand enjoy the time with family and many more... What if you design your living space with vintagefurniture and home decors? The warmth of vintage decors enhances the energy and enthusiasm. Itsexquisite finishing astonishes your guests.When you arrange your living room, ...
  • 30, December, 2015 01:59:50

      Decor Your Home In A Unique Way

    When the word decoration comes in our mind, we take also good consideration of synchronism, harmony and discipline. Because all these words, define the wonderful way of living standard. Decoration is implemented in every field of  life, for instance, to make beautiful and lavish homes, to make the perfect decorum of the office and the most important, to polish our personalities.Home decor is the best way to add a touch of whimsy to your home. Explore incredible home decor designs on vintage, traditional or in a contemporary style. The introduction of some pictures of artwork to display on the walls or some antique or vintage statues ...