Antique Wood Carved Chariot Piece
  • Product Code: Antique Wood Carved Chariot Piece

The wooden figure, which was part of a processional chariot. This old hand-carved wood panel that would have been adorned on a Hindu ceremonial chariot (Ratha) that was pulled through the streets during festival processions. It is a rare subject and this amazing, rare very old high quality carvings have aged nicely over time and retains a powerful feel of spiritual presence.  There are small chips, cracks and other signs of age that all adds character and charm to this piece. You can still see the pegs in the bottom of the carving where it would have fit into another part of the Chariot. These type of carvings with this age are becoming harder to find. It is a great part on India History, art, and the Hindu religion. This delightful wooden figure will be a wonderful addition to your interiors and will bring and add magnificence and ethnic charm to the surroundings. This carving  is of 47cm tall ,30cm long and 5cm wide.

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