Brass And Wood Tribal Art
  • Product Code: Brass And Wood Tribal Art

These pieces of tribal art, cast in brass and framed in wood, encapsulate the diversity of cultures within the Indian Subcontinent. Decorative pieces that can be either wall hung or table mounted, these sculptures reflect the dressing style of Tribals and Rajputs from Northern India, along with the artistic capabilities of South India. The brass acts as a radiant contrast with the wood, highlighting the brightness of the depicted Sun, as well as the light within the antique wood. The smaller piece is a gilded offering to Indra, the sun god of Hindu lore, and the chief of all deities. The walnut carvings on the wooden panels underscore the beautiful magnificence of the delicate carvings, by laying a backdrop for the intricacies of the bass to shine. Solid and heavy, they would be ideally located on an accent wall in a well painted room.

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