Chettinad Door Converted Book Shelf
  • Product Code: Chettinad Door Converted Book Shelf

This early 17th Century Chettinad design freestanding shelf is a mammoth in terms of beauty, size, rarity, and art. This piece has been converted from a Chettinad carved door. The front has hand carvings in the Temple architecture style, going up the sides, and culminating in over a foot’s length of intricate rich carvings at the top. Shaped much like a doorframe, the angular and regular edges create a sense of symmetry, and could fit in comfortably in any room. The beauty of this shelf makes it fit to be a pooja space, with all the folk and deities carved at the top. The shelves are reinforced at the sides, and could also be used to hold books, clothes, or other decorative items. In a room where it is placed, this shelf would draw all the attention of even the finest connoisseur of art. 

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