Teak and Brass Marriage Chest
  • Product Code: Teak and Brass Marriage Chest

This enigmatic box with the exquisite design is a vintage marriage box, made out of the strongest teak wood. Over 100 years old, it also features some antique brass fittings and fixtures. The latch itself is also brass, and can be secured with a small padlock. The box offers the additional security of a key. The box stands slightly elevated on four legs, and all the corners are reinforced with brass corner hinges. The sides have seashell shaped brass handles by which the box may be lifted, and the top of the box has a gorgeous round brass fixture in the shape of a vase containing what is thought to be wheat or vines. The inside has two parts - the upper section, which is divided into three compartments and can be lifted out, and the hollow bottom section where valuable can be stored. This is an item deeply steeped in heritage and the Indian wedding tradition, and would thus make a thoughtful gift to a young bride.

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