Antique Wooden Folk Art Figures
  • Product Code: Antique Wooden Folk Art Figures

These large statues have been made in South India, reflecting the clothing and grooming styles of the South. Almost as large as life, they have traditionally been used in parades and processions, as well as part of dramas and set design. Dressed in folk clothing, with hand painted lungis, natural seed necklaces, and without shoes, they could also be taken to the temple for traditional ‘ulsavom’ showings. The men have been marked with bhasmam, usually worn by the most pious worshippers. They are bright eyed, with intelligent, questioning expressions, and groomed with their hair pulled back and their mustaches shining in all their masculine glory. Mounted on tree branches, these statues are nonetheless extremely stable, and would look glorious in any setting. The paint, despite being organic, renders these statues impervious to the element

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