Chettinad, a region in Tamil Nadu comprised of 74 villages is famous for the colorful mix of South Indian traditions. Chettinad furniture represents the historic and cultural values of ancient era. The region got the name because of its residents Nattukottai Chettiars who are famous for architecture, cuisine and banking business. Therefore Chettinad is famous for its unique architecture designs, food habits and religious temples and rituals.

In chettinad furnished mansions, the furniture is embellished mainly using teak wood and marble. The furnishing and decorative items are imported from Europe and East Asian countries. Italian marble along with Burma teak wood comprises the perfect Chettinad style furniture. In order to make the furniture more elegant, wall to wall mirrors and crystals imported from Belgium and Europe are blended along with the raw materials.   

The colorful designs, unique feature of Chettinad furniture surely brings the aroma of South Indian culture and tradition to your living room. Those grid and floral patterns which is very rare and splendid is an extra asset for your luxurious mansion.  A blend of tradition with contemporary architecture keeps Chettinad furniture distinct from others.