While interior designers envision and design more than how the interiors of the space will look, house owners will also have a vision of what and how it should be. They are also clear about how the styling will progress, what each chapter will encompass, and how to conclude the design journey with an exciting finish. One of the most preferred styling that most Indian homes choose is a traditional wood-based theme. Here are some of the things a house owner should know before confirming the style



The traditional wood interior design exemplifies elegance and comfort. While wood-based interiors are not cheap, a homeowner always has options in decor materials, styling and furniture to embed wood into the interiors still. To develop visually pleasing wood-based interior design concepts, the fundamental components and concepts of interior design must always be used accurately. While thinking about a wood-based traditional Interior Design and Style for your home, keep the following principles in mind and you will have an amazing home to your name.

Must know principles for your interiors  



Balance gives a sense of harmony to a design, which makes it one of the important aspects that give a home its signature look and feel. It ultimately comes down to equating or roughly estimating the apparent weight and placement of various items placed in a home or room. A few things which can create an imbalance in a wood theme interior are thoughtless mixing of metal or steel furniture into the decor, anchoring all furniture and decor in one place etc.

Maintaining balance in a wood-based interior design, on the other hand, is quite easy. With the color tone, pattern, and texture remaining almost the same, the space naturally retains a sense of uniform balance and symmetry.



Traditional interior designs essentially make space for natural elements such as sunlight, wind, space, etc to create an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere to relax and to work productively. Wood being a natural element is the most preferred material and style to bring in this unity in a home. Catering to different design styles, traditional wooden interiors and furnishings, which can include accents and flooring, create a truly timeless ambiance in your interiors.

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Every home has a unique structure and design that seeks the attention of everyone. And one can arrange traditional, vintage or antique style furniture to accentuate the beauty of your interiors. Arranging Traditional Wooden Furniture to achieve placement emphasis makes a bold statement and will draw the eye first.



The combination of color, structure, style and materials defines the contrast in an interior design. It gives an elegant look and impression of your home design and decor. Contrast has a definite impact on the surroundings that you wish to live in and the ambiance you want to create. One can mix and match premium wood furniture with light-colored interior walls and other opposing elements like darker walls and cane furniture collection to give the interior design a differentiating edge.


Scale & proportion

Scale and proportion are what make your interior more inviting. Achieving the right dimensions for optimal utilization of the space in a room and balancing the objects in that space gives the interior a proper finishing. Selection of the correct shape, size, texture, and object will improve the whole work of interior, especially wood. The Golden Ratio 1.618 has been used over the ages by professional artists and architects to enliven a design. The right interior designers can help you with the placement of your wooden furniture utilizing more interior space.



It is essential to look deep into the minutest details of your furniture if you are in search of a perfect design for a traditional style interior space. The little details in each room bring a fresh look to your home. The ethnic motif designed throw pillows on the diwan, the brass work chain on the wooden swing, the intricate jali work in the wall divider, and the carvings on the Pooja Room wall, these details can create a sense of harmony within your space.


Be sure to remember these principles while setting up your stunning space. It will not be possible for everyone to blend all the elements of interior design before decorating your house. Don't worry anymore! Heritage Team creates a united space combining all these important aspects in your home.

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