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Good Earth Palmgrove Villa Project, Bangalore

Heritage Art & Architecture was fortunate to work with PalmGrove Goodearth property located near Kengeri, Bangalore for one of its custom designed villas. Completed in 2012, the villa is part of the community of 48 homes set within eight acres of coconut and areca nut plantation. The interior designing showcases one of the most prestigious projects done by Heritage Art & Architecture. It adds the charm of the villa surrounded by greenery of PalmGrove property with the richness of wood art and several other furnishing and décor pieces.

Spanning in an area 3800 sq. ft., the villa elegantly portrays the aesthetic value of teak and rosewood. As per the client’s vision, the villa is designed in Elephant theme. Right from the foyer to the kitchen, the interior design of the house is beautifully carved out in wood, striking an elegant balance between contemporary and traditional designs. The minute detailing in every item shows the skill and expertise of the craftsmen. The aura that fills you as you enter the house is unmatchable and it truly takes one back to those good old days.

Here is a list of the most popular items used in the interiors of the villa, each one unique and handcrafted to perfection.


Bar Counter

The bar counter with a curved edge overhead awning supported on spindle resting on a wide pedestal is a head turner at the villa. Visitors gush over the innovative application of traditional style to the utility of bar counters. The ample shelf space, pockets on the door and specially crafted hanging stands, all inside the shelf, accommodate several containers at a time.

Four-post Bed-heritage-arts

Spindle-worked Rosewood Four-post Bed

The rosewood four-post bed with big and small spindle work gives the room an air of luxury and regal charm without consuming a lot of space. The bed is put together with brass flower knobs and ringlets. The headboard features traditional motifs of detailed carvings of flowers and vines similar to the ones of royal furniture.


Side Table with Painted Tile Inlays

The spindle-legged side table used in the villa is a very unique creation from Heritage. Suitable for almost all kinds of rooms, it comes with storage space with a brass knobs. This piece of furniture is inspired by the popular Italian hand painted tile art style.

Bench cum Shoe Rack-heritage-arts-cochin

Bench-cum Shoe Rack

This two in one piece of furniture is finished in solid teak wood. With wide paneled doors, the shoe rack utilizes the space beneath the bench and gives a very tidy look. The bench is suitable for homes with a medium to large veranda. It can also be placed indoors.

Brass-inlaid Ceilings-heritage-arts-cochin

Brass-inlaid Ceilings

Creating wooden ceilings is a specialty of Heritage Arts & Architecture. The Brass-inlaid carved lotus flower shapes within a wooden frame is a highlight at the villa. This particular design is most sought after by clients. The light reflecting from the gold hued plates adds to the lighting arrangement of the room, spreading it evenly across the space.

Elephant rimmed ceilings-heritage-arts-cochin

Elephant-rimmed Ceilings

The whole villa is elephant themed and the most attractive of all the assemble is the elephant rimmed wooden ceiling. Several twin tusked elephant masts on the top edge of the walls is a testimonial to the detailed craftsmanship of the artisans. The top panel is studded with simple flower motifs arranged in incredible symmetry.

Elephant console-heritage-arts-cochin

Elephant Console

It is done in single piece of wood, where artists have chipped away negative space in the wood and uncovered the center of life and given it the shape of the elephant. The eyes are carved with fine sharp metal to bring out the life and wisdom of the majestic creature. The life-like figure of elephant console is sure to be a show stopper in any place.

Glass topped Elephant Center Table-heritage-arts

Glass-topped Elephant Center Table

An elegant structure in the living hall, the table is special for many reasons. The table legs are fashioned after the decorated elephant mast seen during festivals in Kerala. The top panel features finely crafted realistic high relief flower and leaves design, plain and beaded border in the center and around the edges.